February 5th, 2012


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Title: Like I Do (1/?)
Pairing: Hugh/Lisa
Summary: A pair of sandal clad feet came to a stop before him. He doesn’t need to look up to know who they belong to. The slim toes painted black as always, the second toe taller than the first, the feet that had spent countless hours in his lap as they had run through lines together in the greenroom for over seven years, there was no way he could not know exactly who they belonged to.
Rating: T for now
Disclaimer:This is fiction, it's all in my head.
chapter two : http://partypantscuddy.livejournal.com/1452.html#cutid1

lisa's smile

Beautiful; hugh/lisa rpf


Summary: “You know you're always going to be beautiful to me, no matter what you say otherwise.” - “I'm never going to be beautiful Hugh, you know that.”
Rating: T [for sensitive issues]

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AN: Let me know what you think - I just got kind of bored and needed a short, slightly dark ficlet about these two to end my day.