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Katheryn Mae

melody; hugh/lisa rpf

Melody; a Hugh/Lisa fic
Summary: Pure smut.
Pairing: Hugh Laurie/Lisa Edelstein
Rating: M 
Genre: RPF (real person fiction)

The soft rhythm played from the speakers, mixing with the faint sound of running water and the gentle tick of the oven timer. A squeak was heard as Lisa Edelstein turned, her eyes on the timer as it sounded, and she nearly flew across the wood floors to the stove. Shutting off the burner, she covered the pot of boiled pasta and continued her dance around the kitchen, her voice blending with the chorus of The Rolling Stones' “Melody”. Her movements caused the short sun dress to flutter around her thighs and she flicked a strand of her brown hair over her shoulder, striking a quick pose in the middle of the floor.

“Well someone's up to something.” Laughter sounded from the kitchen doorway, and Lisa turned, nearly catching herself on the table counter. Hugh Laurie grinned and folded his arms across his chest, the smile on his face only widening as his fiancee blushed faintly. “And keep dancing, I'll just be over here, minding my own business” He crossed the room, taking special care to keep his eyes on Lisa the entire time, and he reached for the bowl of fruit on the counter. Taking an apple, he passed it back to Lisa, “And if you don't mind, cut up an apple to add into the salad?” Dropping a kiss onto Lisa's cheek, he turned to head back up the stairs to the bedroom, when he felt Lisa's fingers curl around his wrist.

“Wait,” Lisa's voice sounded almost like a purr in his ear, and Hugh had to bite his lip to control himself from growling under his breath, “I can do that later.” Leaving the apple on the counter, Lisa grabbed Hugh's other hand and looked him in the eye, “I've missed you today, it's lonely now that I don't see you all the time.” She dropped her hands from his wrists to rest them on his chest, pressing herself closely against him.

“I know,” Hugh mumbled softly, already finding it hard to form coherent sentences, and he had to take a step back, hoping that returning the few inches distance between him and his fiancee would allow him to calm down enough to make it back to the bedroom. He met Lisa's eyes, immediately loosing himself in her gray orbs, “How about I get dressed first, and you finish making lunch in the mean time?”

“Mmm? So you can leave me here alone?” Lisa smirked mischievously, knowing how often Hugh used the excuse when he wanted to resist the urge to do her against the nearest hard surface in the room. She reached for the towel he had tied around his waist and tugged at it loosely, “I think not.”

“Liiiiiiiisa,” Hugh frowned as Lisa rubbed her hips against his, and bit his lip, “Not now.” Eying Lisa's hands, he let out a growl as her hand slipped between the folds of the towel, grazing his leg.

“Why not?” Turning her gaze on him, Lisa reached up enough to graze her fingers against the tip of her member, “You don't seem to mind it.” Smirking, she tugged the towel free with her other hand, her fingers curling around him, “And frankly, you never do.”

“Ju...just stop.” Hugh mumbled out, reaching behind him for the marble counter top, “You...tease.” He flinched back in surprise as Lisa dragged her nails down his chest and let out a second growl as she leaned forwards, sucking on his collarbone gently.

Pulling her lips away from Hugh's shoulder, Lisa eyed him quietly, sliding her hands upward, “Mhm.” She curled her arms around his shoulders, pressing her hips against his arousal, “Meet me in the bedroom.” Grinning, she unwound her arms from him and dashed up the stairs, towel in hand.

Rolling his eyes, Hugh scanned the kitchen, in search of something to cover himself with, and after a few seconds hesitation, he grabbed Lisa's floral dish towel from the hook and dashed after her. “Liiiiiiiiiisa,” he called out, trying in vain to keep the dish towel in place as he went. At the top of the stairs, he paused and tossed the towel aside, before going the next few feet to the bedroom door.

“Hugh?” Lisa stuck her head around the bedroom door, grinning, “You called?” Smirking, she opened the door and stepped forwards, pulling him into a passionate kiss. She curled her arms around Hugh's neck, pressing her hips against his as Hugh's hands rested firmly on her waist and sucked on his lower lip.

“Fuck,” Hugh mumbled around Lisa's lips as she pushed his backwards against the wall, “Damn you Lisa Edelstein.” He ran his hands from her waist down to cup her ass in his hands, and he gasped, to find that she had abandon her sun dress for her bra and underwear. “You fucking tease,” he growled in her ear as she rubbed her chest against him.

“You know it,” Lisa grinned, hooking a leg around his hip, “Now stop denying the fact that you want nothing more than to take me hard and fast against the wall.” She rubbed herself against him, grinning a bit wider, “You know you can.”

Hugh grinned back, dropping one hand from Lisa's hips to glide it along her inner thigh and through her folds, “You need to get your pretty little self in my trailer back on set.” He rubbed Lisa's clit slowly, her quiet moans only causing him to growl softly in approval. Pausing, he nipped her neck gently before pushing his fingers inside of her slowly, earning an even louder moan in satisfaction.

“Fuck,” Lisa growled into Hugh's ear, rocking her hips against his fingers, “Fuck me.” She leaned up, grasping Hugh's ear lobe in her teeth, and tugged on it roughly. Squealing, she gasped as Hugh pulled his fingers out of her and swept her up into his arms in quick, fluid motions, moving back toward the master bedroom. Another squeal sounded from her throat as Hugh dropped her onto the soft comforter, his palms pushing her back against the pillows as he straddled her.

“Oh...God,” Lisa gasped as Hugh pushed himself into her and she bit her lip to keep from crying out, “Yo...you.” Moaning softly, she arched herself against Hugh's chest, the lace on her bra rubbing against Hugh's chest. “You fucking bastard Hugh Laurie,” Lisa gasped out as Hugh began rocking his hips against her. “You think you can try and tease me … ooooh.”

“God, mmmh,” Hugh mumbled softly in Lisa's ear, “Come for me.” He flicked his tongue against her ear, feeling her tremble in his arms. The reaction was instant, Lisa's nails dug into his shoulders, her voice crying out her fiancee's name as she spilled over the edge.

As Hugh joined her, Lisa's cries heightened, and she mumbled softly in Hugh's ear. “You're going to be a father handsome,” her breath was hot against Hugh's neck and she exhaled as their heart beats slowed.

“I know,” Hugh gasped, looking at her, “I love you.”

Nodding, Lisa cuddled herself in Hugh's arms, not bothering to move from their position, “I love you too.”
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