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new beginnings; hugh/lisa rpf

New Beginnings; a Hugh/Lisa fic
Summary: Lisa tells Hugh about her new spot on The Good Wife and how it's going to affect their relationship.
Pairing: Hugh Laurie/Lisa Edelstein
Rating: M
Genre: RPF (real person fiction)

A New Beginning:: Hugh/Lisa smut
Summary: Lisa tells Hugh about her new spot on The Good Wife and how it's going to affect their relationship.

A faint gold shimmer glistened off the door handle as the sunlight hit the edge of the doorknob, and it disappeared as soon as a lithe, pale hand covered it. Stepping into the hallway, Lisa Edelstein couldn't help but give a sad, lonely gaze to the surroundings she had stepped into. She pushed the door shut behind her and kicked off the one and a half inch heels that she had worn around Los Angeles that day and let the cool wood floor relax the soreness. Shuddering at the feel, she dropped her purse on the hall stairs and headed down the hall to the main kitchen.

Stepping into the room, she gasped as the scent of wild rosemary and grilled vegetables hit the roof of her mouth, and she closed her eyes, inhaling the scent. Almost unconsciously, she exhaled deeply, relaxing in the smell of cooking.

“Stand there with your mouth open and I swear, something's going to fall in it.” Lisa nearly jumped as Hugh's voice sounded behind her, having not realized that he had left the cooking in the kitchen. She turned, eying him as he wound his arms around her waist and pressed her lips gently against his.

“Like your tongue?” Pulling back from the kiss, Lisa's eyes glistened mischievously as Hugh kissed her jawbone lightly, tilting her head to one side. She rested a hand on his chest, pushing him backwards gently, “We need to talk.”

Hugh faked a pout and cocked his head to one side, not sure if the brief kiss they shared was going to be a good or bad sign in their relationship, eying his girlfriend. “About what?” He paused, hoping that she wasn't going to end their relationship while standing by a pan of hot, grilled string beans, “And please tell me that it's not about how terrible my cooking is, or how we need to have more sex.” Pausing again, he grinned, “Well, no, having more sex is okay with me...what?” Hugh shut up at the look Lisa gave him, and he shuddered inwardly.

“I got a job,” Lisa began slowly, trying to push the image of Hugh and her, tangled in the bedsheets together after sex, from her mind. “It's nothing permanent for now, just a few months, but it's something.” She leaned on the counter, unsure of how to tell her boyfriend, and quiet possibly also the love of her life, the next bit of information.

“And...?” Hugh circled Lisa, a grin on his face, “You wanted out for a good reason, and now that you're free of House then you should be happy about this new job.” He picked a string bean out of the wok and bit off an end, eying it, “What aren't you telling me?”

“It's The Good Wife,” Lisa shifted her feet, avoiding Hugh's gaze, “Which is filmed in the city.” She paused, “New York City.” Swallowing, she tried to meet Hugh's eyes, but now he avoided her gaze too, “I know, you probably hate me...right? We're trying to work on our relationship and all, then I go and pack up to live in New York City to film a fucking show. You must...think that I don't even care about us.” Trailing off, she chewed on her lip, “I just wanted something to do so I don't feel so helpless.”

“Whoa, hold up Lise.” Reaching forwards, Hugh rested his hands firmly on Lisa's shoulders, “You think that getting a job is going to blow our second chance at a relationship out the window?” He looked at the side of her face, letting out a sigh, “If anything, I want you to have this job, and hell, I don't care if you have to go to the moon to film something, that isn't changing anything.” Hugh ran a finger along Lisa's jawline, turning her head to look at him, “I'm not going to let anything get in the way of us again. I nearly lost you before and I don't ever want to deal with that again Lisa, I love you too much to loose you again.”

“I know,” Lisa let out the breath that she had been holding and she stretched up onto her toes to kiss Hugh lightly, “It's not you that I'm worried about though.” She blinked, trying to avoid his gaze again, “You know me Hugh, I don't want this distance between us – I want to be able to come home and curl up in your arms after filming, not sit alone in my apartment in New York.” Pausing, Lisa looked down at where Hugh's hands rested lightly on her arm, chewing on her lip nervously, “I can't...have both and be happy. And I want both – you and this spot on The Good Wife – but the distance won't work.”

“We'll make it work,” Hugh promised, circling his arms around Lisa's waist, “Lisa, you know how much you mean to me and I'm not going to let you being on the opposite coast of the country ruin all our chances at a relationship.” He pulled her against his chest, running his hand through her hair slowly, “I love you.”

Looking up, Lisa grinned a bit faintly, looking back into Hugh's eyes, “I love you too.” She reached around behind her, grabbing Hugh's hands in her own and she pulled his arms from around her, “How about you finish up dinner while I get changed out of some more comfortable clothes?” Grinning, she dropped a light kiss back onto Hugh's cheek before stepping back out of his arms, “And I think you can wait long enough to sit through an enjoyable dinner.” Smirking at Hugh's expression, she brushed against his side, smacking his ass gently with the back of her hand.
- - - -

“Hugh...I swear, keep the soap suds out of my hair,” Lisa let out a quiet laugh and rolled her eyes as she leaned over and scooped a bit of the suds back into her hand and flicked it back to where Hugh stood, his hands in the skin. She grinned as it landed on his shoulder and smirked at the face he made at her, “Payback.”

“That's not fair,” Hugh eyed the soap spot on his shoulder and put the last of the dishes into the dishwasher before tossing the dish cloth into the sink, “You are a tease.” He lifted the silverware out of the Lisa's hands, dropping it back into the sink, “And you can do that later.” Grinning, he wrapped his arms around Lisa's waist as she dropped the last of the silverware into the dishwasher and dropped a light kiss to her check.

“Hugh, I was convinced that you and I agreed that we would clean up the dishes in peace,” Lisa squirmed in Hugh's arms as he kissed his way from her cheek to her neck. She couldn't help but let her eyes flutter closed as Hugh's fingers grazed the hem of her jeans, and she shuddered a bit more in his arms as he rubbed his finger along her hipbones gently. “You...tease,” she growled softly, ignoring the fact that the dishwasher was beeping at the two of them, “Let me finish the dishes.”

“I told you,” Hugh ran his fingers across Lisa's stomach, grazing the hem of her jeans again, “The dishes can wait.” He inched one hand upwards to the bottom button on her blazer, popping it open quickly, “Doing you can't.” His fingers circled the white plastic button and he reached for the next one, inching his hand continuously upwards, enjoying when Lisa shuddered against his touch. Having spent so much time either imagining holding Lisa in his arms or physically clinging to her before sex, Hugh had mastered the art of undressing her while holding onto her for dear life. He inched his hands upward enough to pop open two more buttons on Lisa's blouse before running her thumb along the rim of her bra.

“Hugh,” Lisa mumbled softly, her shoulders shaking as Hugh hooked the tips of his fingers on the inside of her bra, “You...don't do … that.” She let out a soft growl and sagged against Hugh's chest, curling her fingers behind her arms to reach the cold belt buckle that pushed against her back. Hooking her finger in one of Hugh's belt buckles, she shifted in his arms to eye him quietly, her lips curving into a smirk, “Okay then Hugh, you owe me.”

Hugh glanced down, ignoring the fact that blood was continuing to rush southwards as Lisa's fingers played with the belt buckle on his jeans. He innocently reached behind him, his palms resting on the marble counter top as Lisa tugged off the leather belt. His eyes darted downwards and he suppressed a groan as Lisa dragged the metal zipper over the bulge in his jeans, before his eyes flicked back to where Lisa's eyes were focused on him. Closing his eyes, he bit the inside of his cheek as Lisa let her fingers brush over his hardened erection, a low growl stemming from his lips, “You tease.”

“I know,” Lisa purred softly, looping her fingers into the belt loops of Hugh's jeans as she stood to face him, “You never seem to mind it, do you?” She grinned, rubbing her hips against his, a smirk growing on Hugh's lips as he groaned in between dropping kisses on her neck gently. Ignoring the own groan that grew in her throat, Lisa shifted her hands from Hugh's belt loops to his hips, rocking her hips against his. Mumbling under her breath, she buried her face on Hugh's shoulder, biting her lip as the groan she was hiding escaped, shivering as Hugh's hands rested on her bare waist.

Sliding his hands along Lisa's hips, Hugh matched her motions and reached for the metal button on her jeans, and flicked his finger against it, popping it open. He dragged his nails along the zipper of Lisa's jeans, a smirk on his lips, and he tugged loosely on the pocket of dark skinny jeans, urging them downwards. Smirking, he eyed the thin, silky pair of underwear on Lisa's hips and he inched the jeans down to rest uncomfortably in the crook of her knees. Mumbling, Hugh pressed his lips to Lisa's neck, “You're incredibly sexy when you're standing half naked in our kitchen, you know that, right?”

“Mhm,” Lisa moaned softly, curling her arms loosely around Hugh's neck, hoisting herself clumsily onto the marble counter top. She turned her head, just enough to allow Hugh to trail his kisses along her collarbone, “You...should shut up.” Gasping softly, she bit her lower lip as Hugh pushed the thin, camisole strap off her shoulder, his teeth digging into her skin lightly.

“And do what?” Hugh dragged his teeth along her skin, pausing to turn his head to look at her, “Fuck you?” He smirked, running a finger down Lisa's collarbone, between the valley of her breasts and to navel, enjoying Lisa shudder in his arms. Pausing, he circled her belly button before inching his fingers under the hem of her panties, gasping as Lisa bucked her hips against his touch.

Lisa groaned, rocking her hips against Hugh's fingers, mumbling softly under her breath, “Something like that.” She curled her toes and bit her lip as Hugh pushed his fingers against her folds, gasping softly, “You...fucking tease.” Growling a bit louder, she gasped loudly as Hugh pushed a second finger inside her, his fingers stroking her gently. Biting her lip, she mumbled softly around her clenched teeth, nuzzling Hugh's shoulder as he pulled his fingers out of her slowly.

“You just want me to fuck you,” Hugh grinned, a knowing expression on his face as Lisa tugged his boxers down with her feet. He curled an arm around Lisa's shoulder, pulling her closer, and ran his fingers along the inside of her thighs, smirking as she shifted on the counter.

Curving her eyebrows at him, Lisa inched Hugh closer with her foot, reaching for his hardened member and curling her fingers around it. She wiggled her way towards the front of the counter, her hand on Hugh's ass, and she pushed him inside her slowly, closing her eyes. Mumbling, Lisa bit her lip as Hugh groaned, her hips moving slowly as Hugh pushed himself a bit deeper inside her.

“You...tease,” Lisa mumbled in Hugh's ear, rocking her hips a bit faster, matching Hugh's pace. She let out a quiet growl as Hugh's teeth connected with her shoulder, responding by digging her nails into his back, closing her eyes in satisfaction. Moaning softly, Lisa growled a bit louder as Hugh's thrusts increased, his hands sliding from her hips to cup her ass as he pushed himself fully inside her. “Oh, God,” Lisa groaned, nuzzling Hugh's shoulder as he paused to suck on her ear lobe lovingly, “You...you're...so...my God.” She brushed her nose against his shoulder, “How can you...just shut...fuck.” Moaning, she dug her nails into Hugh's shoulder a bit deeper, “I … I'm close.”

Hugh nodded, enjoying the slur of moans and complements that Lisa was throwing his way and bet his mouth to her ear, “Just let go Lise.” He let out his own groan, feeling Lisa's walls clench around him, and he bit his lip as her nails scraped against his back. Gasping, he gripped Lisa's ass in his hands as she arched against him, coming loudly as her nails cut into Hugh's skin.

“Oh...fuck!” Lisa bit her lip as Hugh came with her, her arms around his shoulder, and she pressed her chest against him. She gasped, feeling as Hugh reached up and tangled his fingers in her hair, pulling her against his chest, a faint grin on his lips. Groaning, she let out a long sigh, her arms still curled around Hugh's shoulders, her voice hazy, “You...are forgive me for applying to work in New York?”

“As long as you promise that we spend at least two days after than in bed having wild sex, then yes.” Hugh smirked, running his hands down Lisa's sides to her hips, “And yes, I am one hundred percent serious about that Lisa.” He laughed softly, smirking at the expression on Lisa's face, and he pulled himself out of her slowly, lifting her gently off the counter. Resting his hands on Lisa's hips, he bent to kiss her lips gently and grinned, “I love you.”

“I … I love you too,” Lisa's eyes shone, and she couldn't help but ignore the fact that the two of them were standing in their kitchen naked. “And let's finish cleaning up,” she glanced to where Hugh had hung her bra over a wooden cooking spoon. Bending down, she hooked her finger over the collar of Hugh's shirt and pulled it on over her head, grinning at him. “Thank you...for not hating me for this.”

Hugh frowned as Lisa looked at him, “I could never ever hate you Lisa, you're living your life.” He grinned, grabbing her wrist and pulling her into his arms again, “Thank you for being here.”
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