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Hugh Laurie & Lisa Edelstein Community
30th-Jan-2011 08:17 pm - Marry You (House/Cuddy musicvid)
[doctor who] doctor river kiss me

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9th-Nov-2010 04:16 am - TV Guide scan manip
love Lisa E
The new TV Guide has a new Huddy photo. I played with the low-quality scan I found so far by @HuddyHotness. Here are the results, after the cut.
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7th-Nov-2010 11:22 am(no subject)
{OTH} Haley "Blue Sky"
[009] House&Cuddy + 1 Wallpaper
[006] Kate Walsh + 2 Wallpaper


Find the rest here @ sunshine_arts 
3rd-Nov-2010 04:00 am - Huddy promo
love Lisa E
I played with the fabulous new Huddy promo photo... Made me forget about the unfortunate election results...
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HC - GiggleSnorts
Author: LobeYou
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I claim no knowledge of the actual people in this story, no harm intended, don’t sue me please, It’s bad enough I will burn in hell for this.
A/N: My first attempt at Hugh/Lisa fic. So fluffy, you might need some saltines after reading.

Read Here: Sugar, spice and all things nice!

Feedback is much appreciated, and so are cookies :)
25th-Oct-2010 07:01 pm - Because the night
[doctor who] doctor river kiss me

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16th-Oct-2010 06:16 pm - Pretty Lights 2010 actorficathon
ter: sarah: no fate but what she makes
The RPF Holiday Exchange (Pretty Lights) is currently accepting signups for the 2010 edition! Signups close on Wednesday, October 20. Gen, het, slash: all actor fandoms welcome.

Join us at prettylightsfic.
24th-Sep-2010 11:34 pm - 127 "Now what?" icons
[doctor who] doctor river kiss me
83 icons
44 anicons


more here at cuddly_girl
16th-Sep-2010 09:20 pm - Lisa Edelstein "Coco Eco" wallpaper
love Lisa E
The gorgeous photos of our beloved Lisa Edelstein in Coco Eco of Sep./Oct. 2010, scanned lovingly by mel35 , inspired me, esp. one of them. I made a wallpaper. I hope you like it! Click to download.

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